IT’S LONDON BABY! This time: Spitalfields Market & Tower of London

My hubbie is making me really happy as he lets me decide what we’re doing while we are here in London. Well, there’s not much planning involved when you ask me, I know where I want to go. So we headed to east London and went to Spitalfields Market where an antique market took place. Mari’s place to be- things are falling into place 😉 It didn’t take long to find real treasures – old boxes, shiny chandeliers, beautiful chairs, there was no end to it and my heart kinda skipped a beat when I thought about my one piece hand baggage allowance and not much space for really anything. So I didn’t buy what I would have if I was in Germany, my husband did, target sheets which he will turn into a piece of art and put into his new office. That’s gonna look rad! Well, sheets are not heavy so there was at least one buy. It’s not always about buying though (Hear, hear)- it’s about the things you see and inspire you

in the last row of stalls we found something where not much thinking was required:

Really mouth-watering. That last piece of pecan honey tart btw had my name on it! It was so rich that I couldn’t eat it up, that almost never happens. While I was savouring the magic of caramel my husband demanded real food, so we went upstairs to Wagamama– japanese, healthy, slow-food kinda vibe and always worth a visit.

Batteries charged up, we went to the Tower of London where an incredible sea of red handmade ceramic poppies can be seen. They make a total of exactly 888246 – each and every single one represent a fallen British soldier during WWI- which broke out 100 years ago. It makes you think, it’s moving and important to be reminded of. I don’t know for how long they will be on display, but you should stop by if you happen to be in London.

IMG_8373 IMG_8375

Just as you pass the Tower you get a brillant look at the Tower Bridge. Time for a Selfie or two.

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