IT’S LONDON BABY! This time: Covent Garden

My first stop in London is and always will be Covent Garden. It has a special feel to it. I can’t really describe it- it’s intimate, a bit quirky, creative and above all really charming.  There are so many small and unique shops that you’d find only there. The area is nestled between beautiful architecture and you can spend a lovely day there. That’s just exactly what we did. This time we decided to do a treasure trail or rather a Murder Mystery Trail through Covent Garden. You guys, I have to say, it’s so much fun! It’s like being a kid again, trying to solve mysteries and pretend to be a detective. Looking for the clues wasn’t always easy but we ended up having the best time, although we didn’t make it to the end. Either we were too slow in finding the clues or we stopped at too many shops along the way. Who can tell ?! 😉 Promise me to do that the next time you’ll be in London – you won’t regret it, I promise!

My partner in crime  😉

And along the way we stumbled upon some nice shops which you should know. So there’s Super Super Ficial – a very cool place for some really cool Shirts. That cool, that we’re going back there tomorrow. IMG_8275

In the same street there’s the Magma Covent Garden Product Shop. It showcases innovative and unusual products and gifts from artists and designers from all around the world. I particularly liked the animal prints by Katie Viggers.

We had the impression that it was going to rain, so we quickly decided to step into Hotel Chocolat, which is not a place to sleep in but rather to indulge in – in chocolaty things, so we decided to have a hot choc: one with salted caramel flavour, the other with milk, as I don’t like it if it’s too chocolatey – I know, I’m weird that way 😉 Anyway, it didn’t rain, but who cares?! IMG_8290The rest speaks for itself; I guess. If not and if you have any questions please feel free to ask or just do as I did, go to London!

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