Last Minute Christmas Presents For Free

The clock is ticking- got all your presents yet? No?? Well, you’re not alone. I got most of my presents by the end of November, but there’s always this one gift – hello grandma- that just won’t come to mind. And then I freak out which leads to my ultimate word for this time of year: FRENZY. I love it. But it can drive me nuts… I go through different stages: decorating frenzy is obviously a good one- this year I’m going classy with red and white, then there’s the shopping frenzy- well, it starts out being fun but it can turn pretty quickly into a nightmare (budget-overkill, gazillions of people in the malls, no idea what to get) –  I’m with you people, just hang in there, you’ll find it and then there’s the „everything- needs-to-be-perfect-frenzy“! This is the one that stresses me out the most and while I can’t cook anything for you to make your Christmas delicious -mine is gonna rock this year- I can give you some free printables for the clueless ones. You can find art, calenders, gift tags and presents that you can make on your own with things that you have at home – I promise!

Here you can find a cool calender for 2015, just go to a copy shop or print it out at home.


I also like this one by mad about pink very much.


The same goes for these posters. Seen at But they also have a bunch of other cool stuff.

At you can find more printable art from black and white to whimsical:

The Scetchy Architect has created for just a few bucks X-Mas props for a fun picture time.


My first christmas gift this year was a great one from my friend Yaname. She gave me a jar with all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. How thoughtful and so easy to make. You can find some great inspiration and printables right here at culedesaccool. Or how about a selfmade Vanilla body scrub by botanical buddha- that already sounds very Zen-like 😉

Well, I hope I could help you a bit to get out of your frenzy. Keep calm, it’ll be over soon 🙂

PS: The best presents to me are those that give me time to spend with my family and best friends. You just need to find a selection of recipes/movies/ concerts/fairs which the person can choose from and enjoy with you! It’s time to make some great memories!
On pinterest you can find beautiful templates for vouchers.It can’t be easier and more special than that. Enjoy the festivities my lobster lovelies!

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