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The struggle with finishing a room

The naked truth: Although I love remodelling I find it hard to finish a room. The more I create new spaces and see how difficult the process of making up my mind is about how I really want a room to be the more I believe that such a state as „finished“ doesn’t really exist. So my approach to remodelling and decorating might be a bit different to what most magazines and bloggers try to convince us of or make us envious about- the ultimate eye – aka the skill to put everything into place.
I’m pretty sure that you have struggled as well ( Do I really want that picture hanging there? Do I want it at all? Is that blush pink really me?). I’m with you, I’ve been there, lots of times and it also happens that I paint a wall, decide it’s stupid, not at all what I’ve envisioned and then I begin anew. My current makeover is a thinker šŸ˜‰ My accent wall is a deep and calming petrol blue- but unfortunately still naked. It’s desperately seeking a center piece – pinterest and all other sources haven’t sparked an idea in me yet. Which isn’t a disaster to me at all. I’m just giving it some time to really unfold and speak to me – that sounds crazy but I rather have a room grow than overdone with pictures, vases, candles, plants, cushions, you name it, just to create an instant feeling of completion. If we’re honest-most things do not live up to our expectations/moods/ style and sooner or later vanish. So before spending a whole lot of money on decor – and we all know how ecstatic and boundless we can get about these things- I want to make sure, that it’s really what I need.

Somebody who has already found what she needs is Pam from pamlostracco. She’s a Toronto based artist and I’m truly impressed with her room and SO jealous!

Bedroom mountains

I wish I had seen this post before I had my bedroom makeover. I can totally see me in there.Ā  It took Pam a week to transform her room into this amazing and peaceful refuge. The mural is perfection! I would not change a thing.

  1. Mountain Mural Timelapse

She also created some more murals in a different color scheme. Which one do you like best?

I’d love to hear your voices about this topic and maybe you have some cool ideas for my wall, too!