Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my tummy...


Hi you,
great to have you here! You might wonder who the person behind this blog is and well, here it comes: I’m Mari, 31 and food has always been a pashion of mine. When I was a little kid I remember baking with my mum on saturdays, preparing everything and mixing the dough. The best part of it was when my mum told me that the bowl was mine and the happy licking could begin. However, NOTHING beats the smell of a cake being baked in the oven and this is why I love to bake. When I grew older I realized that cooking was pretty much the same. All those beautiful ingredients and spices make me and my friends happy – you have to share the good stuff with good people!
When it comes to interior design, decorating and all pretty things my mind is running wild. Colors, fabrics, art, flowers, wall papers, furniture, … so much to choose from in order to create a little haven for yourself. I have so many ideas and although I might not be able to make them all come true I will share my ideas, finds and passions with you. Hope you enjoy it!

Take care